Saturday, November 24, 2007

E-Bay Time

Figured out that I could sell my work through ebay. Makes it much easier with paypal and what not. I will put up some work, and if anybody would like a specific photo, I can then just post it. I know they will take their cut, but it doesn't change anything from any other sites. Other sites still to do the same thing. I just now need to look at packaging supplies. Any suggestions on where to buy the supplies? The largest frame would just be 11x14x1. I have an account with ebay started, and working on a PO Box for people to send in money orders or cashier checks. Any ideas, suggestions, tips for ebay selling would be greatly appreciated. I know that there are many pages around the net, and on the site itself to help you sell on the site. Once I get things going and set-up I will post a bulletin, blog posts and link on the my space page and all over. Keep an eye out for it..

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