Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recent News!

Hello All!

I know I haven't posted anything in a long time. I have just been so busy. I have been adding photos to my flickr

Click here:

I did take a trip to Yosemite on July 4th. There are also other new sets out there. Working somewhat on my website, working on taking more photos, just plain working. Helping plan a wedding, (as much as the groom helps out with it, lol).

Looking forward for a local car show coming up soon. OC Fair this weekend.
I promise, for those of you that have signed up for the email list, that I will get the newsletter out. It's pretty much done, just need my lovely editor to run through it. Also, just adding the calendar of events. Festivals, fairs, expos and other things I come across. I try to make it to much as possible but not always possible.

if you know of any events and would like them to be added, hit me back with the info.

That's' it for now.

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