Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation or Staycation?

Vacations are usually a way to get away and relax. Getting away from the daily grind is something that people wish to do as much as possible. Sometimes getting away may cost too much and not affordable especially in hard economic times. It has become more common to stay at home, and this is where the the term "staycation" came into play. I just too a recent trip to San Diego, only 2 hours away, and realized that I enjoyed myself thoroughly without going too far.

Upon my return home, I started looking up local tourist attractions and recommendations. Using travel websites, and the internet in general, you can find out about your local town. Most people do not even know what is in their own backyard. On time off you can take short day trips or the weekend and you may not even need to get a hotel.

One of the best ways to find out about the best parts of your town is to pretend you are a tourist. Just do some research online about tourist attractions and points of interests. Print out a few sheets of information, a camera and some maps, if needed. Head out to have fun and enjoy everything local. There are festivals, and events that are local to your town. It is always good to know what a tourist would want to see. Family, friends or anybody is planning to visit and you want to show them the best parts of your town.

There also hidden tours and not always advertised as much. Behind-the-scenes tours may be available. If asked nicely, a few doors may be opened. Movie theater projection rooms, television stations, radio stations, and newspaper production facilities also offer tours.

Hopefully this blog may get you thinking about your town in a different light. Do not be afraid of exploring your local area and have fun.

Here is a great site to start and there are many more out there if you just search the internet. Searching the web for "staycation" brings up other blogs and sites with ideas.

Trip Advisor: Restaurants, things to do, forum and more!

-Luis Tobon

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