Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden to Table and College?

Google comes up with over 49 million results for "Garden to Table". Everybody has done this type of blog and there are a many programs out there, not only nationwide but also worldwide. The basis is usually along the same lines but they are all probably different in one way or another.

I happen to like the phrase and will talk about the great food that has come out of my garden. I have updated my blog, facebook and twitter with all of the information about the goings on in my life. If you have been keeping up, you know that I've had to take out all of my snow pea plants because of root rot but have enjoyed every second. In fact, I'm eating carrots that I just dug up a few days ago and they are delicious.


For those of you that have not been following along, here's a quick recap. It all started back in mid February of this year with the planting of seeds. I had no, and still have no real idea of what I am doing but learning quickly. I started seeds inside and also in the garden outside. I started with snow peas, carrots, spaghetti squash outside and a few more indoors. A few weeks after planting, small plants started coming up and the excitement started. As things started coming in, I tweeted photos of all the seedlings when they broke ground. After initial planting, I have added some tomatoes, eggplant. parsley and strawberries in containers. Everything continues to grow and it is both exciting and delicious.

Snow Peas

Now that you are all caught up, i've got newer information for you! In that initial planting, there were some spaghetti squash seeds. I am happy to report that the plant is fairly big and producing fruit. Not only are the bright yellow blooms on the plant simply gorgeous, but I have read that they are also edible. I have not tried the recipe yet but it sounds delicious. The blooms are coated with a batter of sorts and then deep fried.

I almost did not have squashes growing. The female blooms were dying off and the plant was not producing. Once I figured this out, I hopped on Google and looked for answers. As it turns out, there is a lack of bee activity this year and crops across the country are not being pollinated naturally. I found a simple way to pollinate the plants myself, and no, it did not include me getting into a bee suit. It is pretty simple and if I can do it, anybody can. The entire process takes less than a minute and is pretty painless. I just took off the male parts of the blooms and rubbed the pollen all over the female blooms. Wikipedia has great pictures and was extremely helpful on figuring out what the male and female parts look like. I am happy to report that I know have about 6-7 squashes happily growing and will be ready in a few months.


Tomatoes plants make it much easier as they are self pollinators and I just gotta wait for the fruit to be full size before picking. I have a good size cherry tomato and regular tomato plants in fairly large containers. I cannot wait until the tomatoes are ripe and ready to come off the vine. There are other plants in containers and they all seem to be growing fairly well and will hopefully bear fruit at some point.

Carrots with Tops

The other parts of my life are going well. Another part of my life includes finally graduating from college! Yes, I have made it! I am graduating from Long Beach City College tomorrow night with an AA in General Business! I have already been accepted at Cal State Dominguez for Fall 2010. I will be finishing up my Bachelor's Degree. I sure hope that this will help in getting a better job but in this economy it is not a guarantee. I am still out of work and hoping to find something sooner than later. We shall see if something works out.

As you can see from the pictures, I have found a way to incorporate my photography in with my gardening. Photography is still a big part of me and I hope to be able to do it for as long a s I possibly can. I still participate in the Long Beach Artwalk every second Saturday of the month and hope to find other opportunities to share it with the world.

That's it for now, and I will be back soon. I do not know if anybody reads my posts but I will keep doing it.

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  1. Keep blogging, no matter what. I'm sure people read it, they just don't comment. And congratulations on your garden. Eating home-grown fruits and vegetables is so wonderful!


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