Friday, May 7, 2010

Latino2 Campaign

I sometimes come across new things that get my creativity going. The latest thing to hit my virtual desk was the “Latino2 Campaign” from LatISM: Latinos in Social Media.

Hello friends!

In light of the current Arizona situation, LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) is taking action.

Our voice is the most powerful tool we humans have, and, as a social media organization, we believe social media offers the perfect vehicles to amplify it.

Today, we are asking our LATISM community to stand up in the name of Humanity and Latino Pride.

Whether you are Latino/a, a Latino sympathizer of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation or national origin OR you simply believe in the rights of all HUMANS, join us in solidarity of Latinos in Arizona as we shout out our Latino Pride.

I was contacted to support this cause. Of course, being the Latino that I am, I had to lend a hand.

The purpose of this campaign is to show the diversity within the Latino community and the diversity of the industries that we as Latinos touch and influence.

In order to reach this purpose, a photo project was developed. The idea is simple - take a picture of yourself that somehow reflects what you do and holding up some sort of “sign” that reads “I’m Latino2”. If you’re an artist, you could take your photo in front of a canvas. If you’re a nurse, maybe you have your scrubs on. Being a photographer, my mind began swimming with ideas. I have not only come up and taken my own photo but also have other ideas. I generally do not shoot portraiture but this project has me thinking about it. I am planning to get my family involved and anybody else that is interested.

Head over to the official website for the campaign and learn all the different ways you can join the campaign.

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