Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's Next?

Like many Americans, I am out of work and unemployment benefits have run out. The job search is still going but does not look good. This is where my creativity comes in by looking for viable source of income.

I know I have said before that I would never do events like wedding or quinceaneras but times are tough. I am searching for local wedding photographers to not only get my feet wet but also to hopefully have some income from it. The search continues.

I have mentioned my participation in the 2nd Saturday Artwalk before and will continue to do it. This event not only is a great way to sell prints but also great for networking. Luckily, I have had new and some returning clients. I do appreciate their support in my journey.

My other idea for income is to use my newly found love for gardening. There are some things brewing in my mind but not sure when or if they will be realized. I may be posting about these later but some details need to be figured out and whether or not they can be done.

I have finished my AA degree and waiting for the fall to continue onto Cal State Dominguez Hills. It has only been about a month since graduation but I am ready to put it to work. There are job out there that will only let you apply if you have a degree and others that do not consider you if you do. It can be a double edged sword. Some companies say that the degree is not good enough and more schooling or work experience. Other companies say that having any sort of degree automatically over-qualifies you. I am now at the latter part but will hopefully see some sort of change.

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