Monday, August 16, 2010

My $20 Raised Bed: 3'x3'x1'

Hello out there!

Well, I am back with a crash-course on building a cheap raised bed. It is not huge but not tiny either and it is a good starting point for those beginners, like me. I have been wanting to get some raised beds built or bough but the prices are just a bit much. I wanted to see how cheap I could build one but using recommended materials.

I got the idea to build it with cedar picket fence boards. After some research on-line, I found that many people have done this and it seemed fairly simple. The planks are thinner but with some support they should be fine. I ended up finding much shorter boards that were just over 3 feet at .97 cents each. I bought 12 and went over to get a long post for about $6.


12 - 1 in. x 4 in. x 42 in. CEDAR GOTHIC PICKET

1 - Post: 1 7/16" x 1 7/16" x 8' (Have this cut down to 12 inch pieces)

48 - 2' inch wood screws. (I already had these and did not factor into price.)


Saw - Manual or electrick
1/8 drill bit (to pre-drill screw holes)

1. Start but sawing off the ends of "pickets" for all 12 boards. Any standard circular saw or manual should be fine.

2. Pre-drilling holes into boards and posts is a must. This helps prevent wood from splitting. Using screws, attach the boards, 3 high to each post.

3. Build two sides and then the best part begins. These two sides will be facing each other and the other two sides will be attached to the post pieces already attached to those first sides.

4. Once all sides are screwed in, you are done. At least for now. Next task is to fill it in with soil, compost and seedlings/plants.

Well, lets hope we have kept all of our fingers and no injuries have occurred. I should add a disclaimer on this.

**We will NOT be held responsible for any lost, any bodily harm, injury or anything negative that comes from doing this project.**

We have gotten to the end of this post but will continue this series when I"m able to do it. For now, I have moved the new bed into the garden area and put in some pots into it. This serves 2 purposes for me; 1: It helps plan out how I will be placing plants if I want to transplant them in and 2: It helps the garden look a little more organized and clean.

The only issue I have found with this project, is to find a use for the "pickets" that were cut off the boards. They look like small fish. The suggestion box is up and ready for ideas as to what to do with these.

As always, I'm here for any questions/comments/constructive criticism.


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