Monday, August 23, 2010

Photography Update


I'm back with some photography updates. I know I have not been updating on this front in a while and you have gotten bored or not interested in gardening.

As you may know, I am at the artwalk in Long Beach every month but it is not enough to get my name out there. The sales there are not as much as I would like but I know that we are still in a major recession and I try to keep different price points to keep my client base larger. If I only offer higher priced items, somebody that wants something but cannot afford it, just will not buy it and I do not make any sort of sale.

I have a website and it gets some traffic but nothing major. I try to use facebook and twitter to promote myself and has gotten me great contacts, but not enough to make any sort of living or even extra money. I know it is hard to survive as an artist but it seems to be getting harder as the days go by.

I am not sure as where to go next. I have tried talking to some small shops to carry my greeting cards or prints but have not had any luck. I am not phased and will keep trying. I know everybody has to start somewhere and not all make it but I want to be that exception.

Well, this is for now and I will be back later.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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