Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready to go!

This post is to help get me out of a "rut" I seem to be in with my photography. I have not been as enthusiastic as I used to be and I want to change it. I used to take my camera everywhere and loved to edit photos for hours. It seems like I have moved on and into my gardening, which I still love and continue to do, but photography will always be my first love. My amazing wife has brought this up to me before but I think I just did not want to see it. In order to get out of this "rut", there are some things I must do.

As I'm sure you have read in my blog, tweets and facebook posts, I participate in the 2nd Saturday Artwalk every month and this month is no exception. New prints have been prepared, new business cards, new price sheet and inventory has been done! I am ready and thoroughly excited for Saturday! I don't know if anybody will be inspired to come down and see me or any of the other amazing artists but we will be there. Click here for more info.

While at the artwalk, I will be collecting more email addresses to grow my mailing list as I will be putting out my newsletter again. I only got 1 issue out but want to get back to it. This newsletter may include general photography news, possible specials, and anything that has to do with my photography. I will try to do it once a month or maybe more. I may add more later but will try to start off small.

Along with a newsletter, I will need to take more pictures. I will try and finally finish my Rubber Duck Collection! I will take my camera with my everywhere I possibly can, like I used to, and take as many shots as I can.

I know it may be too much to take on but I will work on it. It will not happen overnight but it will expand over time.



  1. Do you think the newsletter provides something above and beyond the blog? Do they complement each other, or are they somewhat redundant?

  2. Ideally, they should complement each other and they should both provide something that the other does not. Not sure what the distinction will be yet but it is something to think about.


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