Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Camera!

When there are phones with the same amount of megapixels as my camera, it is time to upgrade. There had been talk of upgrading and when a promo for free tax, we could not pass it up. I love my Rebel XT but I will grow to love my new Rebel T2i just as much.

Going from 8MP to 18MP is a huge jump and the learning curve is not too bad. I know that the amount of MP should not be the only deciding factor for choosing a camera. There are so many new things about this camera that is simply exciting. Higher resolutions, HD video, higher capacity for ISO and more. I probably will not  be shooting much video as we hope to have a separate camera for it but it is a nice feature.

Choosing a new camera is never an easy task but with a bit of research, it was not too painful. I love the Rebel series from Canon and decided to stick with it. The internet is amazing for any type of research and digital cameras are included. I looked at the cameras in the promotion for free tax and compared those  but did not think I needed the most expensive.

I do not want to spend tons of money on a new camera that may take way too long to figure out. The best equipment does not necessarily mean the best photos, but then again, "best" is always subjective. I have seen amazing photos that have been taken with "point and shoot" or even disposable cameras.

A new camera means learning or re-learning how to do some basic things. The manuals are very important and should be read but if you are like me, reading only goes so far. I am an artist at heart and must get out to practice. I will be heading out today for my first, of many, photo excursions.



  1. COOL! Good info Luis I have an XT I'll have to stick to it a little longer before I can upgrade, but I've been a little scared of what's out there now.

  2. Hi there,

    I looove my XT and will keep it as a second body. I went with this one because it is pretty much like the new 7D but at half the price. The main difference is that the 7D gives you a couple more frames per second. It has all the same other features as the T2i.



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